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Ag and Construction

Bison in Greenhouse

Bison Gear and Engineering has been providing motor and gearmotor solutions for the agricultural and construction industry for decades. Bison gearmotors perform under harsh conditions of extreme heat and humidity on grain and livestock farms across the globe. While operating under these environments, they endure extreme temperatures, weather conditions and contamination. Besides rugged weather conditions, dust is a major factor to consider when designing a gearmotor to handle agricultural or construction tasks. Bison can provide gearmotors with high ingress protection (IP) ratings that keep the elements out.In many cases, these applications require the durability of 24/7 continuous operation without need of inspection, maintenance and repair. Drawing from our Robusticity design philosophy, Bison provides its users with the solutions to tolerate these demanding industries.


  • Combine harvesters
  • Seed metering carts
  • Curtain drives
  • Greenhouse conveyors

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