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Power Transmission Applications Specialists

InventoryBison has been focused on supplying gearmotors, reducers and motors for use in heavy-duty commercial products for more than 50 years. Continuously expanding the design envelope for gearmotors, we've grown to become one of the influential manufacturers of these products in the United States. Most items are available for immediate delivery from distributor and on-line through bisongear.com and factory stock. Bison is also gaining recognition for engineering excellence in Europe by supplying high quality metric versions of our products.

If you outsource motors, gearmotors, or reducers for your products, Bison's combination of higher quality people and components is a combination that can save your company time and money. At Bison, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the gearmotors, reducers and motors we manufacture precisely meet the performance needs of the products they drive. That includes consulting directly with customers throughout the selection process, in development and testing, and problem solving assistance when requested.

Project DenaliWorking with Bison then results in a system that can increase the value of your products to your customers. We will help you create a fine-tuned system that maximizes product performance without sacrificing economy, increases service life and eliminates field failures.

Bison power transmission products are currently being used in conveyors, icemaker-dispensers, food preparation equipment, food dispensers, hot melt dispensers, chemical mixers, door openers, automatic feeders, ventilation systems, exercise equipment, metal cutting equipment, packaging equipment, medical pumping and positioning equipment, battery powered vehicles, military applications, and more.

Bison Products are Built Stronger to Last Longer

A combination of cutting edge design and high quality components, each Bison gearmotor, reducer and motor is a power transmission system capable of producing unusually high torque in a compact package. Their exceptional performance accounts for the fact that they not only last years longer on the job, but deliver dependable performance in applications where others often fail.

  • Quality Gearing - Wider widths and smoother hobbing makes Bison gears wear longer even under adverse conditions. And they generate less heat and run more quietly as well. 
  • Heavy Duty Bearings - Ball and needle bearings are used throughout to increase load-handling capability and lengthen service life. 
  • Lifetime Lubrication - Gearboxes are oil filled and then permanently sealed to provide superior lubrication over a wide ambient temperature range. 
  • Stronger Housings - Additional reinforcing and greater wall thickness of Bison's tough, cast aluminum housings contribute to Bison's high performance ratings. 
  • Advanced Technology - Designed to ISO standards and manufactured on modern, computer controlled equipment operated by a TQM trained, skilled workforce, Bison products rank among the best of their kind in the world. 
  • Rugged Shafts - Standard output shafts are made of hardened steel with keyways.
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