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Bison Introduces 1/2 HP PowerSTAR 730 Series 12/16/2015

December 16th, 2015 - St. Charles, IL – Bison Gear and Engineering is further expanding their PowerSTAR hypoid gearmotor product line with the addition of the 730 1/2 HP gearmotor. This new gearmotor improved torque output and energy efficiency while offering the same flexibility in mounting orientation and compact right-angle design footprint that is ideal for space constrained industrial equipment.

730 1/2 HP

The PowerSTAR 730 Series 1/2 HP Gearmotor is the initial offering with this mounting configuration and has standard 1 inch and 25mm hollow bore output shaft sizes. With four standard AC motors (115V Single Phase, 115/230V Dual Voltage/Dual Frequency, 230V 3-Phase Inverter Duty and 230/400-460V 3-Phase Inverter Duty) and 13 standard gear ratios ranging from 10:1 to 60:1, the 730 Series 2-stage product line has the ability to meet most industrial requirements. Custom options are also available per request; consult Bison directly for more information.

The PowerSTAR 730 Series 1/2 HP Gearmotor is now available. Check performance ratings, 3D models, drawings and pricing here.�

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