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Bison Launches New PowerSTAR Super Efficient Hypoid Gearmotor 09/06/2012

September 6, 2012—St. Charles, IL— Bison Gear and Engineering is excited to announce the launch of PowerSTAR™, a new hypoid, maximum efficiency, right-angle gearmotor. PowerSTAR combines Bison's Robusticity® design philosophy with their 50+ year history of providing reliable gearmotor solutions to bring the latest in hypoid gear technology to the market. The result is an improved right-angle gearmotor capable of energy efficient operation for a multitude of applications: packaging equipment, conveyors, light industrial equipment and food processing to name a few.

Using the latest in hypoid gear technology exclusive to Bison, PowerSTAR offers several design advantages over conventional worm and competing hypoid gearmotors, such as improved energy efficiency for a smaller carbon footprint and maximum power density enabling a compact profile without compromising performance. PowerSTAR also features ground gearing to provide whisper quiet operation and low backlash precision. Externally, the gearmotor is equipped with finned edges for cooler operating temperatures and multiple mounting configurations to support easy interchangeability. Optional accessories include a torque arm and multiple foot plate and mounting adapters making PowerSTAR easy to specify into new or existing designs.

The initial product offering for Bison's new PowerSTAR™ includes both 1/8 and 1/5 HP single-phase 115V and three-phase 230V inverter duty motor options on the 725 gearbox in 13 standard ratios offering output torque from 59-878 in-lbs. Other frame sizes and gearing packages coming soon. To learn more about PowerSTAR, stay tuned for additional updates at www.bisongear.com, call your local Bison distributor for more information or get in touch with us directly at 1-800-AT-BISON.

About Bison

Bison Gear and Engineering began in 1960 by designing problem-solving gearboxes and gear motors for their customers. Today, the company has grown into an industry leader for fractional horsepower electric motor, integral gearmotor and gear reducer products by implementing innovative lean manufacturing processes, world class engineering and customer support teams driven by their Robusticity™ design philosophy; allowing Bison to consistently expand its product line with new motion control and power transmission solutions. 

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