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The Compact PowerSTAR Excels in Gate Operation Control 05/30/2014

BACKGROUND: An automated gate operator manufacturer designs systems to operate residential and commercial gates. Bulky components and a complex operating system result in increased service and maintenance calls.

Gate Operator

THE PROBLEM: Gate operators primarily come standard in two formats: slide and swing gates. The initial design uses an oversized gearmotor that cannot be installed in a position to operate the gates directly. To compensate, the gearmotor is attached to a chain and sprocket assembly to operate the gate. The downside to this configuration is it makes installation and alignment very difficult. If misaligned, the gate will not operate properly and additional service and maintenance calls are likely.


The compact PowerSTAR 730 series with DC motor from Bison is a perfect solution to this problem. Using the latest in hypoid gearing technology, the PowerSTAR gearmotor features maximum power density within a small size. This allows  space for the PowerSTAR to be installed in a direct drive configuration – eliminating the extra chain, sprockets and shafts required by the original design.

RESULTS:  The compact PowerSTAR gearmotor’s sleek design fits in where the larger gearmotors cannot, thus allowing for a direct drive system vs. the chain/sprocket assembly. The ease of installation of the PowerSTAR unit and the streamlined design has been and continues to be a proven advantage to specifying PowerSTAR into applications where space concerns are high.


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