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PowerSTAR Gives Roll Door Manufacturer a Reliable Lift 05/06/2014

BACKGROUND: A door manufacturer was seeking an alternative gearmotor for their automated freezer door system. The freezer doors were scalable up to 12’ wide and 14’ tall and featured:

  • Adjustable speed
  • Automated opening/closing
  • High start-up torqueFreezer Door

THE PROBLEM: The initial right-angle gearmotor used in the design did not align with the space constraints of the application. The manufacturer needed a unit that could operate the door at adjustable speeds, handle the start-up torque requirements and featured a brake. The current proposed gearmotor could not meet the performance needs within the compact footprint.

Bison engineers were called in to evaluate the application, and based on the manufacturer’s needs, recommended their compact PowerSTAR hypoid inverter duty right-angle gearmotor.

SOLUTION: PowerSTAR 730 3-Phase 230/400-460V 50/60Hz Right-Angle Hypoid Gearmotor

  • Advanced hypoid gear technology offers up to 4X the efficiency of a traditional right-angle gearmotor
  • Smaller gearmotor than original, runs quiet, cool and cost-efficient
  • Torque Ranges from 35-1730 in-lbs
  • HP Range 1/15 - 1/2
  • Versatile mounting interchangeability allows easy installation

RESULTS: The PowerSTAR gearmotor proved to fit into the roll door application’s space requirements perfectly. The smaller gearmotor was shown to be more cost-efficient and able to handle the doors adjustable speed control with its inverter-duty motorPowerSTAR hypoid gearmotor.

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