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Bison PowerSTAR Hypoid Gearmotor Improves Energy Efficiency on Industrial Chip Conveyor 11/25/2013

Background: A machine shop was looking to reduce energy consumption on their chip conveyors.

Problem: Higher power draw from larger, 1/4 HP parallel shaft gearmotor.

Solution: New! Bison 1/8 HP 725 Series PowerSTAR™ Right-angle Hypoid Gearmotor
        -    Advanced hypoid gearing technology improves energy  
        -    Versatile mounting configurations
        -    Ground gearing for whisper-quiet operation
        -    Exclusive PowerSTAR™ EP lubricant for extended
        -  Torque range: 60-900 in-lbs
        -  115V, 230V and 460V capabilities
        -  1PH and 3PH options available

Results: Installing a lower horsepower gearmotor on the chip conveyor resulted in the machine running more efficiently with less noise.

PowerSTAR on conveyor equipment

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