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How do I properly wire my Bison Motor or Gearmotor?
Can and how do I replace the brushes in my DC product?
How do I specify or choose the correct gearmotor for my needs? How do I customize a gearmotor for my specific application requirements?
How long does a Bison gearmotor last?
Bison's hollow shaft options are a great solution, but we need the shaft to extend 1.75" longer on the right side with a set screw and keyway, along with a 20 mm bore. Can Bison provide this shaft option at low quantities?
We need variable speed AC performance for our line of conveyors. What range of speed is Bison's inverter duty line capable of?
Our line of pumps requires a specific RPM range at the shaft to insure proper flowrates. Can Bison offer custom gear ratios in small lot sizes?
We need a gearmotor that is fully backward compatible to what we are now using. Can Bison provide a motor with the same wiring configuration, including lead colors?



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