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The mission at Bison Gear has always been to develop innovative solutions to help companies prosper by focusing on identifying, creating and/or commercializing innovative new technologies and business models to accelerate an organizations growth.

The Bison Innopreneurs Institute is excited to introduce Innopreneur consulting services to assist customers in achieving enterprise growth by developing an entrepreneurial culture through innovation. Innopreneur consulting services show the customer how to employ processes in connection with product and process development engineering and entrepreneurial projects in order to:

  • Increase value of core products
  • Expand into new markets with differentiated products and/or services
  • Identify new high growth businesses and develop innovative solutions

One focus of the Innopreneur consulting service is on Business Model Innovation. This service explains to a company how to do things differently using three dimensions.

  1. Customer Centric Innovation: Changing the way to interact with customers, such as redefining the customer experience or the markets they serve in order to achieve growth.
  2. Supply Chain Centric Innovation: Understanding how to collaborate differently with suppliers, in order to make improvements to design, fulfillment and sourcing initiatives to drive growth.
  3. Organizational Process Innovation: Having the ability to explore a shared-services organization model to enable possible externalization of internal processes (ie., HR, IT, etc.) to increase efficiency and flexibility.

The Innopreneur consulting services were developed as a result of Bison formally addressing innovation with respect to business processes and operation and the future.

The Bison Innopreneurs Institute is located at 3805 Illinois Avenue, St. Charles, and has facilities to provide the Innopreneur consulting services for product and technology development, testing, training and other functions or entrepreneurial projects.

To help your company, inquire about Innopreneur consulting services through our Contact Us page.

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