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Bison Expands Compact 712 Series Hypoid Gearmotor with PMDC Motor Option

Bison Gear and Engineering is pleased to announce a new addition to their most compact PowerSTAR® gearmotor option available yet, the 712 PMDC right-angle hypoid gearmotor.  The 712 series allows for the same performance advantages as the larger PowerSTAR series designed into a smaller package. The 712 PMDC gearmotor has the extra advantages of being designed for remote applications and variable speed control, making it a viable gearmotor for small conveyors, food and beverage equipment and small industrial applications where saving space is crucial. 

712 DC Right-angle gearmotor

The PowerSTAR 712 Series PMDC gearmotor is the initial offering with this mounting configuration and has standard 1/2 inch and 12mm hollow bore output shaft sizes. With three standard voltage options (12V, 24V, and 90V) and 14 standard gear ratios ranging from 10:1 to 240:1, the 712 Series product line is versatile enough to align with most lighter-equipment applications. Custom options are also available per request; consult Bison directly for more information.

The PowerSTAR 712 PMDC right-angle hypoid is available now. Performance ratings, 3D models, drawings, pricing and other PowerSTAR product options will also be available on bisongear.com.

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