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Bison Gearmotors are a Proven Solution in Ammunition Production Equipment

Bison Gear and Engineering has been designing problem solving motors, gearmotors and reducers in a range of various applications for more than 50 years. In this case, an ammunition equipment manufacturer required a reliable and cost-effective gearmotor for their line of automated bullet loaders. Using two Bison PMDC parallel shaft gearmotors, the manufacturer can drive empty bullet casings into the assembly process.

BISON SOLUTION: 011Q127-0134 PMDC Gearmotor

 1/15 HP 90V

12 RPM Torque: 250 in-lbs

How the Application Works: The automated loader is one step in the ammunition production line. Bison gearmotors operate the drive that feeds empty bullet casings into a collator. Each empty casing is then moved into position for loading and capping to get the final product. For this process to run efficiently, the gearmotors need to be robust and reliable. Any performance issues will stall the process.

Bullet Loader Equipment

Fortunately Bison products are designed and manufactured to thrive in such applications that feature shock loads, vibration and continuous duty operation. This particular application uses Bison PMDC gearmotors composed of precision machined castings with a totally enclosed, non-ventilated (TENV) motor design. The gearmotors are lubricated for life and designed to last for years.

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