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New Gate Operator Case Study!

BACKGROUND: Automated outdoor gates are a growing necessity for ensuring security in both commercial and residential areas. Equipment in these applications encounter any and all types of weather conditions, requiring durable and long-lasting products that will endure extreme environmental factors; such as high-to-low temperatures, rain, snow and ice. Bison Gear and Engineering has an established reputation for these applications, and recently provided a new solution for an automated outdoor gate manufacturer after their previous gearmotor solution resulted in several field failures.

562 Offset Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

PROBLEM: The equipment manufacturer identified Bison for their ability to respond to custom requests and provide solutions within a reasonable lead time at a competitive price. In addition to requiring a power-transmission solution that could endure harsh environmental conditions, the gate manufacturer also needed a gearmotor that could handle higher shock loads and still fit into the small space envelope available within the gate operator.562 Offset Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

SOLUTION: Bison’s 562 offset parallel shaft PMDC gearmotor was a perfect fit. Custom designed by Bison with a larger output shaft to accommodate the higher torque requirements, the 562 series gearmotor matched all of the performance ratings required for the application. The custom 562 series was also designed under Bison’s Robusticity® design principal, meaning it is manufactured to thrive in tough environmental conditions and built for long-lasting performance. 

RESULTS: The custom 562 unit remains a big hit for the gate manufacturer and has been applied in both commercial and residential gates of varying sizes!


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