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Governor Candidate Bruce Rauner Visits Bison for Manufacturing Day

St. Charles, IL – October 8, 2014 - October 3rd marked the 3rd annual National Manufacturing Day, a day setup to recognize the importance of American manufacturing as a Bruce Rauner Manufacturing Visitnecessary corner piece of our economy. Manufacturing Day is celebrated all around the country by providing plant tours, leading Q&A panels and participating in events highlighting the benefits of a career in manufacturing and engineering. In support of this initiative, Bison Gear and Engineering opened our doors to give governor candidate Bruce Rauner, his staff and representatives from the Illinois Manufacturers Association and Valley Industrial Authority a guided tour of Bison Gear and Engineering.

Mr. Rauner visited Bison to discuss important issues facing manufacturers. Issues such as finding skilled workers who possess the necessary entry level manufacturing skills to hire. Also discussed was what caManufacturing Tourn be done at the high school/college level to provide a better perspective on potential manufacturing careers. Bison has long been a supporter of engaging students at an early level with the benefits of a career in manufacturing and engineering. Some programs our associates have worked on include Illinois Pathways, a program featured in schools to develop a pipeline of qualified candidates for advanced manufacturing positions, and the Skilled Workforce Initiative, a certification of stackable credentials potential employees can earn to be better prepared for entry level manufacturing.

The visit wrapped up with a tour of Bison’s manufacturing floor. Guided by Bison’s Executive VP of Operations, George Thomas, Mr. Rauner was shown the engineering department, testing labs, motor assembly and ended the tour with a look around the innovative hypoid gearmotor assembly line. After the tour, Mr. Rauner held a brief Q&A before thanking Bison and heading back on the campaign trail. For more on Manufacturing Day, please visit www.mfgday.com.

For more information on the Skilled Workforce Initiative, please visit their website at http://www.skilledworkforceinitiative.com.

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