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A Solution for Powering Food & Beverage Packaging Lines

Food and beverage processing and packaging lines have a large number of moving parts that present multiple needs for power transmission. These production environments can lead to unique requirements for motors including specific size constraints and ingress protections. 

PowerSTAR Canning line

A manufacturer of equipment for the microbrewery industry was developing a new canning line. Their torque, RPM specifications and desired mounting configuration for the gearmotor pointed to a traditional worm gearbox solution; but the envelope requirement presented challenges with that approach. The customer contacted Bison Gear & Engineering to develop a solution for powering the canning line. 

It is easy to see why a PowerSTAR® hypoid gearmotor was chosen for this project. The customer required a right angle solution to power the conveyor and power density was a major factor in the decision. PowerSTAR® hypoid gearmotors operate almost 35% more efficiently than traditional worm gearmotors. This power density allowed for a small foot print and an aesthetically pleasing motor that was mounted alongside the conveyor line.

The team at Bison Gear developed a highly engineered and customized solution that met the application demands of this microbrewery equipment manufacturer. The finished product was a highly efficient right angle solution that was designed to IP65 standards.

See the four model options below with more than 500 standard ratio configurations or contact Bison to challenge us with your custom application needs.

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