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Welcome to Bison Gear and Engineering!

     Bison Gear and Engineering is a leader in the power transmission industry with a strong legacy of providing quality products and innovative solutions to our customers through exceptional engineering capabilities.  Guided by our Robusticity™ principles, instilled into the organization by our late owner Ron Bullock, our products set the standard for quality and durability in some of the most demanding applications in the power transmission industry.  Our Bison family is committed to ensuring that our customers’ needs are our first priority.

     Bison is committed to expanding its growing footprint within the industry.  Building on our core engineering strengths we continue to add new products and capabilities that enable us to provide motor, gear reducer, gearmotor and complete system solutions to our customers from fractional HP through 5 HP.  We are a proud American company that is well positioned for the future. 

Thanks for your interest in Bison Gear and Engineering

John Burch


John Burch